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The Sickest Progress

Ask me anything   Name: Kola, Age: 21, Purpose: to keep a kind of tumblr scrap book of pics i collect so you guys can check it out.


Was at the gym today and felt like an athlete :O Well, actually, I felt pretty slow and sweaty haha but when I got home I felt like an athlete. Plus getting home was like a hero’s obstacle course. I passed, so I’m a hero. There was so much black ice out there! So there I am, a hero and athlete, and I was really tempted to weigh myself just because I felt good. But I set a ban on weighing myself until christmas eve because I know that if it’s bad it will throw me off, and on xmas eve+day I will be easing up on the calories anyways so it won’t matter if I weigh myself then, if that makes sense. And now I’m thinking its pretty lucky I didn’t weigh myself because after my shower I saw my figure in the mirror- something which I’m kind of avoiding for a while, to maintain the athlete illusion ;) - and damnnn the number on that scale would not have been pretty. There’s still jelly on mahh belly :O turns out jelly is pretty resilient. It’s me against the jelly. Athlete and Hero vs. The Jelly. And I’m like, whatevvvvvs Jelly, see you on the flip-side wuuuutttt?! Yeh, you’ve got to be street about the whole thing.

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Had a busy day and ended up eating very little- not on purpose, there was no time somehow. Anyway that’s ok because I ate loads yesterday so this is a kind of compensation. I’m not a supporter of eating so little, but I literally didn’t have any more time today and I don’t want to eat after 6pm and I’m actually not hungry now anyways.


breakfast: (tablespoon) 40g crunchy peanut butter 280cals

lunch: 80g popcorn, no oil/butter 280cals

small cappuccino out with a friend 40cals

flavoured water 8 cals

a clementine 35cals

TOTAL: 643 cals

Basically, I had a busy morning and didn’t have time for breakfast, which I hate because that’s my favourite time of the day. I got home at midday and had the peanut butter, then went back out again for coffee with my friend. Got back and couldn’t be bothered cooking anything yet so I made popcorn and thought I’d have salad later, but I ended falling asleep when I was reading and woke up now, after 6pm. I had the clementine but I’m too tired for eating, just want to go back to bed!! It snowed today and was pretty cold and I guess that’s why I’m so tired, plus the busy-ness early in the day.

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DAY SIX - DAY OFF hehehe

I woke up this morning feeling groggy and tired and bad moody. I decided not to make up for missing the gym last tuesday and just leave it at four gym days this week. Then I decided to take a day off from the calorie restriction because I realised its PMS, which means the food cravings should not really be ignored. Your body needs to stock up on the minerals and vitamins that it loses or uses more of during the monthly visit. 

Normally I would eat chocolate and junk food for like a week straight, so I think having one day of extra eating is better than that. I can do my normal diet plan again tomorrow. Anyway I ate A LOT, but REALLY HEALTHY. So I don’t feel fat and ugly at all… I feel taken care of :) I stopped calorie counting about half way through because a day off is a day off and the calorie counting was spoiling it! 



a load of dried mango slices,

banana smoothie,

a lot of dates (sooo good for you, and a good iron source


baked potato with hummus and a little olive oil+salt (the skin turned out so crispy- it was perfect!)

a sandwich (brown roll) with hummus and ketchup (haha doesnt make sense but it was good)

a sandwich (brown toast bread) with apple and mixed nuts, and agave syrup, toasted in the oven (everyone should try this before they die)

handful of walnuts

THATS IT. I loved all the food I ate and I feel no guilt over it actually! Just feel like I did what I had to do ;) and tomorrow I will be geared up to start a busy and demanding week, on my 1000 calories, gym programme. I don’t think I’m eating anything else today, I’m full up! Maybe some fruit or something if I feel hungry in the evening. I don’t think today did much damage to the over all weightloss. I’m a believer in days off, especially this kind which involved really healthy food.  :)

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Another good day! They say it takes 5 days to get over sugar cravings. I was in the supermarket today (stupidly when I was hungry, before lunch) and I’ll admit, I had to walk past the chocolate section quickly, and I stared at the chocolate boxes near the checkout (which I can’t eat anyway because they’re not vegan).  I haven’t cut chocolate and sweets out of my diet exactly, I just know they take up a lot of calories and they’d leave me hungry, plus I could do with a break from them given my recent history with all things fattening…. When I’m on 1200 cals a day I’ll fit a sweet in every now and then. As long as I set a limit I think I’m fine.


breakfast:  banana smoothie 200cals

snacked on: dried mango slices 200cals (really tasty)

Had Starbucks cappuccino with soya milk 90cals

Lunch: my special mushroom soup 170cals (added a little extra vegan yoghurt by mistake, so the calories are a bit higher than yesterday’s 150cals)

snacked on: 3 dates 80cals and a clementine 35cals

Dinner: roast carrots 90cals and 40g vegan cheese 100cals

flavoured water 8cals

TOTAL: 973 calories (might have a coffee, 15cals)

Good day today. Had more snacky things than usual, and didnt have a real meal for dinner, but I’m not going hungry or anything. I didn’t go to the gym because I’m doing 5 days a week. I’ve only done four this week so I need to go tomorrow. I might find a more fun form of exercise for tomorrow though, like ice skating! Theres an ice rink in town for christmas! We’ll see. Hoorah I’m on day 5! Two days til I’ve managed a week! That means I’m a quarter way through the first stage of my weightloss- the 1000cals a day stage. Lalalalala I’m enjoying this :) Oh and I’m not exaggerating, I actually feel a little slimmer. My tummy isn’t sticking out as much :O  

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Today I put on one of my new jumpers. It’s actually so big that its big on me now- and I’m big :D. But anyways, when my mum saw me she was like, ‘wow you’ve really lost weight!’  :O  I was like, I’ve been eating healthy and exercising for just 4 days… and she was like ‘but it really looks like you’ve lost weight..’


OR MAGIC WEIGHTLOSS? dum dum dummmmmmm…..

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I had massive cravings for lots of food today! kept thinking about baking cakes. In the future, when I have more calories in my budget I will have some cake every now and then (not too often), and that’s what kept me from feeling bad. Instead I added some sweet to my salad with yummy dates!

CALORIE LOG: (BURNED 400cals at the gym)

breakfast:  porridge 170cals

snacked on- cashew nuts 50cals

                  clementine 35cals

                  two dates  60cals

coffee  15cals

Lunch: Date and vegan cheese salad 280cals

Dinner: two cereal bowls of mushroom soup 150cals

banana smoothie 200cals

flavoured water 8cals

TOTAL: 968 (yes!) might have another coffee.

My food today was SOOOO good. I just can’t explain. :P Making yummy food makes losing weight pretty fun. Things are going to plan!


Ingredients: usual kale and lettuce, shredded up a little. 40g vegan cheese, 115g (4) dates, 100g mushrooms, celery stick, vinegar.

All that needed doing was the oil-free frying of the mushrooms with the celery, adding salt and chilli. Then I added that to the sliced up dates, roughly chopped cheese, kale and lettuce. Splashed some vinegar over and VOILA! Massive salad fit for men and butch ladies, I tell ya. The dates were beeaaauuutiful.


Ingredients: 300g mushrooms (cup mushrooms and about 4 oyster), 3 sundried tomatoes (the ones that are dehydrated), tarragon, vegetable stock, vegan yoghurt (alpro brand), one cardamon seed, tables spoon (maybe a clove or more) chopped garlic.

I cooked the mushrooms a little in the soup pot, with the garlic, some salt and a lot of tarragon. Like a table spoon and a half of it. Added water and the stock cube. Split the cardamon seed and threw that in, and the sundried tomatoes. Brought it to boil, then turned down and let it simmer for a good time, maybe 20 mins. Then added 100g of vegan yoghurt, mixed in. Let simmer for another good while, maybe 15 mins. Then BLEND (to make smooth).

SO yummy. I’m making it again tomorrow. And its only about 150 cals for two portions. Highly recommended! :)

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this is fucking beautiful. 

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I love you. You are my hero, from now on I am going to try and change my ways and become a happier me. Thank you<3

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She’s fucking gorgeous. 

What an amazing woman. 

This girl has CLASS :) her perspective is absolutely right! Making others feel like they aren’t good enough is the worst thing you can do. She is so brave!

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Not a bad day. Did well on the diet front! Was a little tired, but I think that’s because of all the change that’s going on with my eating and exercise. I had time to sleep during the day, so it’s all ok!

CALORIE LOG:    (BURNED 400cals at the gym)

breakfast:  porridge 170cals (I am addicted to porridge by the way)

snacked on dried apple slices- too much!-  300cals

lunch: massive mixed nut, artichoke and apple salad 330cals

dinner: 40g vegan cheese and a clementine 135cals  (100cals+35cals respectively)

kiwi&strawberry flavoured water about 8cals 

coffee 12cals (might have another)

TOTAL: 955 (GOOD!)

My diet is going pretty well. I don’t end up hungry for very long in between meals. I find the 1000calorie budget a little tight, as in I don’t have much space for high calorie things which in the future I would like to have like pasta, curry- things that are still healthy to have in moderation. But I’m sticking to 1000 calories for the first month and then 1200 calories after that. Once I reach somewhere near my goal weight I will ease up and do 1500 calories. Obviously my weightloss will slow down a lot when I do that, but I hope my fitness will be higher and I can exercise more to help with that!


Ingredients: 35g kale, 120g lettuce, 150g mushrooms, 16g vegan cheese, 25g mixed nuts, 100g artichoke hearts, 50g apple (half an apple leftover from something else)

I shredded the lettuce and kale a bit, as usual. sliced up the apple into very small bits, broke the artichoke hearts up a bit, and chopped the vegan cheese roughly. I fried the diced mushroom without oil, as usual. I ”roasted” the mixed nuts in a pan haha with some salt, and mixed everything together with a little vinegar and chilli. and then WOAHHH eat! It’s a 330 calorie salad (rounded up, its not quite as much as that), but its literally so huge I had to put it into a bigger bowl than what I usually use - which is huge, that’s all I can say. And filling. This salad put me in a good mood. I highly recommend it. 

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Starting the day

Gym session went well, burned 400 cals. Am a bit fitter than the last two sessions. I do NOT look good at the moment, I am still, and will be for a while, fat. BUT I feel good. I feel less blameworthy/guilty about being fat because I am now doing something to change it. I’m paying my dues YOOOO. And if I feel people looking at me thinking 'woah fat girl' I can now think 'that's ok, I'm glad you saw me this way because one day you might see me again and I will be transformed and you will realise that you witnessed a person go from weak to strong, by her own will, and you judged her when she was at her weakest’.

And at the same time I can remind myself that maybe I only think people are judging me so much because I judge me so much. They probably don’t give a hoot about my weight.

So I guess my note to start the day with is that feeling better about yourself seems to happen quicker than the weight loss, because every day you feel stronger for your achievements. Another reason to get healthy.

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